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     The stillness of the forest quiets my mind and heightens my awareness of our ongoing spiritual and physical communion with nature.  The changing of seasons, the cycles of nature, the journey of one's life and the evolution of the soul.  All reminders that nothing is permanent. Nothing and no one remains unchanged.  My pieces represent the observation of a moment, both internally and externally. The feelings and sensations evoked by a strong connection with nature are translated by brush, knife and fingers onto paper or canvas. 

     My creative behaviour can best be described as moving through different layers of the mind, like the conscious and the subconscious.  When in this somewhat dreamy and meditative place, the past and the future are removed from my awareness, and it feels as though I am fully in the present.  At first there is a spark, then an idea and with the help of intuition I'm guided from the beginning of a painting's story to its end.

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